Electrical Inspections Victoria was formed in 1999 after the electrical inspection role was ‘privatised’ with the introduction of the Electricity Safety Act 1998. The business has grown steadily into one of the largest electrical inspection companies in Australia. Our strong track record and customer focus and commitment to electrical safety has resulted in the company being recognised as an innovative industry leader.

Electrical Inspections Victoria employs highly qualified personnel who are all licensed by the Energy Safe Victoria and experienced in providing our clients with the highest standard of advice and service possible.


Electrical Inspections Victoria also holds a Private Security Business Licence [903-507-50S] which enables us to provide investigation services to insurance & power companies, legal firms, businesses, Owners Corporations and the general public. We specialise in electrical investigation including fires, incidents, injury, revenue protection and compliance.


Our aim is to provide cost effective and efficient service with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

We support the use of the Certificate of Electrical Safety system and promote electrial safety to the trade and in the workplace.

Electrical Inspections Victoria conduct audit inspections on behalf of Energy Safe Victoria and we are authorised sellers of Prescribed, Non Prescribed and Periodic Certificates of Electrical Safety.